About Hilal AlSharq

In our beloved kingdom and its desert climate, Hilal Al Sharq has endeavored to provide its services to suit the Kingdom’s hot and cold summer climate in winter to achieve the maximum degree of air conditioning suitable for our customers to enjoy the right atmosphere without any inconvenience or inconvenience of temperatures.
Hilal Al-Sharq is a Saudi company specialized in the work of central air-conditioning services to government institutions, companies and individuals throughout the Kingdom since 2001 AD and is an authorized distributor of central air conditioners (Package) and concealed (Concealed) for all international brands, as Hilal East manufactures ducts (Duct Circular and square types across a selection of engineers and technicians with high training and experience. Taking care of you and adapting your atmosphere is what we aspire to achieve.
We thank your trust ..


Hilal Al Sharq’s vision is based on understanding the customer’s need and desire to get the air conditioning in the surrounding area without being affected by the high or low temperature outside. We are here to talk about our commitment to technical standards and do not talk about the distribution of ventilation in a balanced manner or to avoid our actions to be disturbed by the sound caused by the air stampede, which can not happen by God’s conciliation of our commitment to the standards and technical standards Feeling and feeling our client enjoying his coffee in his home or in his office without feeling any inconvenience no matter how small the air conditioning. We do not serve to stay, but care to live up.

Standard Specifications

Hilal Al Sharq Adheres to the technical standards in the implementation of the work of flattening according to the standards recommended by the American Society of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE).
According to the specifications recommended by the National Association of Iron and Air Conditioning Contractors (SMACNA).